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Oct 20-22: Scott Paparcuri with Ramie Makhlouf and Liz Ziner

Scott Paparcuri is funny! It’s what he does. Scott Paparcuri has been performing stand-up comedy for over 20 years. He hasn’t had a day job in 16 years. Scott’s act revolves around his favorite subject: Himself. “The only regret I have about doing stand-up comedy is that I am not able to watch me” Scott says. You may have seen Scott on HBO, MTV or heard him on “The Howard Stern Show.” What makes scott so funny is his life. Scott is 40 years old and has never been married. He has no children. “Kids would take the focus off of me.” Scott reasons. Scott looks at life this way: “How does this affect me?” Scott on recent events: The Stock market crash: ‘I don’t have a penny invested in the market. It has no effect on me. My weekly stock is the New York Giants” The Presidential Election” I am voting for which party will give me the most comedy material.” The Economy: “It’s about my economy. If I have money then the economy is strong.” What makes Scott so funny and compelling is how many topics he can joke about. Scott is an entertaining and exciting performer who bonds with his audience.

Oct 13-15: Lenny Schmidt with Geoffrey Asmus and Toler Wolfe

Lenny moved back to Hollywood in 1999. and the last ten years have been pretty busy. He has been in dozens of National Television Commercials; appeared in several films, such as “Joe Dirt”, and has performed dramatic roles in Television shows such as; “NCIS”, “ER”, “Prison Break”, and “Desperate Housewives”.

He’s also Written, directed, produced, and performed in several sketch shows, short films, and Theater presentations. including his own one-man show titled “Better”. He also stays true to his first love, Stand-up Comedy. Lenny performs weekly in the L.A area, select clubs through out the country, and has recorded 3 comedy CD’s.

Lenny can also be seen in the film “The Ugly Truth” with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, HBO’s “True Blood”, and in the upcoming season premiere of “Bones” on Fox.

Oct 6-8: Jason Russell with Turner Barrowman and Tyler Menz

Jason’s comedy style is silly, full of different characters and unforgettable facial expressions. His strong personality and explosive energy lets audiences know right from the start that this is going to be a ride! Never using dirty language, his show is a cross between Richard Pryor and Jim Carey. Jason has been seen in a Documentary called “Crossing The Lines” Interracial Comedians, did extra work on the tv show “Prision Break” and has worked with Martin Lawrence and Patti LaBelle!

Sept 29-Oct 1: Ken Garr with Jill Maragos and Bill Gevitz

Ken Garr grew up on the south side of Chicago. The son of a retired Chicago Fire Fighter and Homemaker, Ken proudly hails from three generations of fire fighters. The youngest of 4 children, Ken’s hilarious views on life are derived from growing up in a blue collar family with his own white collar aspirations.

Ken’s countless life experiences including a recent divorce, his “boring” job at a Wall Street firm and his numerous run-ins with the law and subsequent trips to the hospital make his seemingly never-ending journey to fame and fortune a can’t miss experience.

A graduate of the world famous Second City Conservatory in Chicago, Ken performs regularly at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and has performed in both the “Laugh Your Asheville Off” Comedy Festival in Asheville, North Carolina and the Big Sky Comedy Festival in Billings, Montana and can be seen regularly at the world famous Hollywood Improv and Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, CA.

Ken brings the influential characters of his life to stage with energy and zeal to produce a show that is nothing less than extraordinary.

Sept 22-24: Carmen Morales with Ron Placone and Charlie Kojis

Carmen Morales has developed a captivating style which incorporates opinionated quick wit and outlandish characters. Taking from family, friends and people from everyday encounters she transforms into these characters seamlessly, then adds hilarious commentary which leaves the audience doubled over in laughter. With a perfect combination of like-ability and vulnerability she has been well received by audiences internationally. She’s been seen on the tv show “Laughs” on Fox and heard on Sirius XM radio in the U.S. and Canada. She’s also been featured in Gilda’s LaughFest Comedy Festival, the World Series of Comedy, Scruffy City Comedy Festival, Women of Comedy Festival, in the New York Times and has produced her own traveling comedy show, The Not Your Average Broads of Comedy as well as performed in comedy clubs, colleges, strip malls, indie shows, dive bars, towns no one has ever heard of and military bases across the country.

Sept 15-17: Nick Hoff with John Egan and Jason Melton

Born and raised on the rough Nebraska streets (gravel roads), Nick Hoff is an actor/comedian living in Los Angeles. He most recently shot episodes for a new MTV show “Acting Out” premiering this fall. Often seen in commercials for Miller Lite, Wendy’s and Amazon, Nick has been cast by some of the top directors in the business including Peter Farrelly, James Mangold and Philip Seymour Hoffman. He has been a comedy writer for Life & Style magazine as well as a featured act in such prestigious comedy festivals as Boston, Big Sky, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo where he was named “Best of the Fest”.

In 2015/16 Nick was hand-picked by Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy to open for them on their critically acclaimed “We’ve Been Thinking” Tour. Nick has headlined the “Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour” which made stops in 40 cities doing 65 shows all raising money for breast cancer research. He was also part of the “Walk of Shame” national comedy tour, which was not quite so noble a cause. When he’s not touring the country, Nick can be heard on Sirius XM Radio, Hulu’s Comedy Time, and on WGN’s Bob & Tom Show.

Sept 8-10: Justin Rupple with William Krolowitz and Shawn Shelnutt

Justin Rupple began doing stand-up comedy in early 2006 at the legendary, but now defunct, Giggles Comedy Club in Seattle. It wasn’t until a new comedy club discovered him in late 2008 at the Seattle International Comedy Competition that Justin found his footing in the comedy scene. The Parlor Live Comedy Club hired Rupple as their first and only house host, and, for almost two years, he performed up to six shows a week at one of the nation’s best clubs.
He left his home in Issaquah in 2010 for Los Angeles to keep the momentum pushing forward. Even with the help from Seattle, it took nearly six years to find a foothold in one of the most talent rich cities on the planet.
Finally this year, the Tetris pieces seem to start fitting into place. First, he shot a new feature length foreign film “Operation Chromite” starring Liam Neeson to be released this summer. Then his luck continued as Dana Carvey and company tapped him to compete on the new comedic impression game show “First Impressions” on The USA Network Premiering May 10th. His episode is scheduled to premiere May 24th at 10:30pm.

Sept 4: SPECIAL EVENT *Kappa Alpha Psi FUNdraiser* Chris Barnes with Geoff Lafleur

Chris Barnes has been making his mark on the comedy scene throughout the Midwest, the South, and the East Coast with his storming style of humor. The native Milwaukeean can be best described as a high-energy comic that will take an audience and keep them laughing as he interprets his experiences of life. Barnes is also the man of many faces; his personality and facial expressions will bring an audience to life.
Barnes has worked and laughed with such people as John Mendoza, JJ Jimmy Walker, Andrew Dice Clay, Sinbad, Bill Cosby, and many others. It’s no surprise Barnes has become a national headliner, working in such clubs as Dangerfield’s in New York City; Rascal’s in New Jersey; Zanies in Chicago; Chaplin’s in Detroit; Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee; and many others throughout the country.

Geoff LaFleur comes to us from the great state of Wisconsin. He resides in a suburb just outside of Milwaukee and has bad posture. He has performed stand-up at colleges, festivals, private parties, benefit shows and many top comedy clubs throughout the country from The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles to Zanies in Chicago to The Improv in Washington D.C. As well as being the opening act for such national touring comedians as Dave Chappelle, Brian Regan, Greg Giraldo, Gilbert Gottfried, Jay Mohr, and Larry the Cable Guy. His playfully silly nature and energetically fun style, mixed with impeccable comedic timing and a Midwestern charm has made Geoff one of the top rising comics today…with bad posture.

Sept 1-3: Nate Weatherup with Geoff LaFleur and Liz Ziner

Nate Weatherup is an new, unique voice that just made the move from Chicago to Los Angeles. A former teacher, Nate has spent the last six years working comedy clubs and theaters throughout the country. On top of a busy tour schedule, Nate also competed in the finals of the 2011 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, and was invited to perform at the 2013 Great American Comedy Festival at the Johnny Carson Theater in Johnny’s hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska. He can often be seen opening for Dave Coulier from Full House and is a regular guest host on Pretty Late on WGN radio and Nate makes you take a long, hard look at education, culture and yourself with his sharp wit and unapologetic honesty.

Aug 26-28: Danny Kallas with Dean Larit and Kevin White

The blue-collar Chicago accent of Danny Kallas has been described as “so thick, you don’t even know what hit you.” Raised in Elmwood Park, a tightly-knit community bordering Chicago’s Northwest side, Danny enjoys blending all sorts of comedy. From absurd silliness to intelligent satire, if it’s funny, it’s in his act.
Danny has been named on’s list of funniest comedians in Chicago. He was the winner of Snubfest and has participated in numerous comedy festivals including Just For Laughs in Chicago and the Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta.