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August 14-16: Joseph Anthony with Tom Dadario & Ramie Makhlouf

Joseph Anthony is forty four years old, but appears younger. He has been onstage and writing since he could walk and hold a pen, respectively.

He’s been a Stand Up Comedian since 1989. A straight forward – no filter, monologist. Original and versatile! THERE IS NO VENUE, THAT IS EXEMPT FROM HIS VAST BRAND OF HUMOR, MATERIAL, AND EXPERIENCES.

In short, he’s been on television, in movies, performed at some of the most prestigious arenas in the country – YET he excels at small affairs – as attributed to, “his knack for improvisation.” He’s mostly autobiographical, yet speaks the voices of many!

Born and raised in New York and a “slightly” stereotypical (yet much more diverse and intelligent) product of such. He now lives in suburban New Jersey and suffers the plight of the middle class – unhappily married, proud father … with just the right amount of angst about society, politics … and well, EVERYTHING!

Not to oversell him, but few Comedians can read and work a room the way he does – it is a talent and some have called it a gift!

August 7th-9th: Michael Isaac with Russ Williamson & Brad Karcho

Michael Issac is a stand-up comedian and actor from the south side of Chicago.

As an actor he has done several corporate films, live performances and television commercials for companies such as McDonalds, Walgreens, Old Navy and Walmart.

As a standup comedian, Michael has made Zanies Chicago his comedy home where he performs regularly as the Host and Feature.

Michael Issac’s brand of comedy is “Good.Clean.Funny.” His dynamic stage presence combined with his charismatic delivery is quickly making him a favorite to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

July 31-Aug 2: Double Feature! Emily Galati & Bryan Miller with Host, David Drake

July 24-26 AJ Finney with Allen Edge & William Krolowitz

Stylistically manic, artistically brilliant AJ Finney’s stream of consciousness is anything but forgettable. He has be characterized as a confident mid-west boy, with a sharp tongue, and amazing side burns. Raised in a working class family surrounded by broken mowers, empty beer cans, and random narcotics, its amazing he’s even alive.

Earning himself a spot as a finalist in HBO’s Lucky 21 competition, A.J. Finney is quickly becoming recognized for his explosive personality and uncanny logic. He performed at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, was the third place winner of Trial By Laughter, and was a finalist at the 2011 San Francisco International Comedy Competition. His CD “My Brain Don’t Work No Good” can been heard on SiriusXM Radio, Pandora, and he was a “Featured Comedian” on 24/7 Comedy Radio. Finney is an effective story teller with an inclination towards pandemonium. His over the top imagination allows him to make even the most sensitive subjects tickling to his audience.

July 17-19 Ken Garr with Mark Schumacher & Dan Morris

Ken Garr grew up on the south side of Chicago. The son of a retired Chicago Fire Fighter and Homemaker, Ken proudly hails from three generations of fire fighters. The youngest of 4 children, Ken’s hilarious views on life are derived from growing up in a blue collar family with his own white collar aspirations.

Ken’s countless life experiences including his recent divorce, a journey to “creepy” baldness and numerous run-ins with the law and subsequent trips to the hospital make his seemingly never-ending journey to fame and fortune a can’t miss experience.

A graduate of the world famous Second City Conservatory, Ken brings the influential characters of his life to stage with energy and zeal to produce a show that is nothing less than extraordinary.

June 19: Darryl Lenox with Roy Haber & Tracy Schroeder

2012 was a big year for comedian Darryl Lenox. Stagetime Magazine named his CD Blind Ambition “one of the Top 5 Comedy Albums of 2012,” joining Louis CK, Reggie Watts, Tig Notaro, and the late Patrice O’Neal. He also made his Late Night Network TV debut on Conan in 2013! Along with the album release on Stand Up! Records, 2012 also saw the release of his hour-long standup special of the same name on Starz. This marked the first feature comedy special to appear on the network.
The title of the CD, Blind Ambition, is fitting, as anyone who has experienced Lenox’s insightful comedy knows that he hasn’t let his visual impairment stand in the way of his becoming one of the most popular comedians in the country. The content goes deep, drawing on a risky eye surgery that ultimately led him to the role of Executive Producer of his own standup special. “The risk we had to take to do my major eye surgery – the one that could have left me totally blind – it propelled me to take the risk on Blind Ambition,” Lenox explains. “The doctor that performed the surgery is my hero – it was incredibly inspiring. I knew after that experience that my days of waiting on people were over.”

Lenox compares his show to a roller-coaster ride – full of ups and downs, tension and release. Living with a visual impairment has refined his perspective, allowing him to cut through audience preconceptions, discard self-pity, and deliver pitch-perfect repartee that leave audiences spellbound and sore from laughter.

Prior to his debut Comedy Special on Starz, Darryl made his Late Night debut on Conan in 2013. Darryl has also been seen on A&E’s “Evening at the Improv,” BET’s “Comic View,” Comedy Central’s “Jamie Foxx’s Laffa Polooza,” and Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham.” He has performed at numerous comedy festivals including Montreal’s JFL, HBO US Comedy Arts Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, Chicago Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival, and he’s received such notable titles as Winner of Seattle Comedy Competition and Winner of Best New Play at Vancouver Fringe Festival.

June 12: Mike Merryfield with David James Spaliaras & Tracy Schroeder

In 2006 Mike was invited to be part of the “Lucky 21″, a group of comics chosen to perform at the prestigious HBO Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. In 2004 Mike was invited to perform at the Boston International Comedy and Movie Festival. Mike also performed at “Harley Davidson’s 100th Anniversary Reunion” as well as “Harley Davidson’s 95th Anniversary Reunion”. Mike’s material can be heard on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. He has also done two specials for Sirius XM, “New Comic on the Block” and “Behind the HaHas”.

You may also have heard Mike on the Bob and Tom morning radio show. Mike has ringtones and over 3 hours of material available for download at itunes. A sample of Mike’s audio clips can be found on the Media page. Mike brings his unique style and likeability to comedy clubs and corporate events across America. He has a refreshingly new style. His quick wit and adaptability make him a comedian that everyone will enjoy.

June 5-7: David Beck with Shane Copland & Alan Grafton

David is originally from a small town in Virginia. He now resides in Springfield, Missouri. (Thanks to marrying the woman with the loudest laugh in the comedy club one night) Originally starting out as an observational comedian, but now he has grown into a more versatile higher energy style which includes quick one liner’s. Silly often thought provoking sometimes edgy social commentary. Never one to leave himself out of the show, everything in his personal life is fair game, his upbringing, everything he cares about and things he doesn’t, and of course his experience with married life. Unlike a lot of comedians David chooses to stay positive about marriage, never attacking it or his wife in the process. David feels telling the truth about marriage is not negative, and men and women alike are entertained by his unique view of this relationship between the sexes.

The truth is one reoccurring theme in David’s comedy. He chooses not to make up wild scenarios or characters to find humor. This is a key aspect of his show, and feels people can relate better to him by letting people know who he really is, and how he sees the world around him. David does how ever have an off beat way of thinking, and it is easy to think his material is “made up” or embellished, but as the show goes on the audience quickly realizes his brain is just a little off, and that’s usually when he hears his one of his favorite compliments, “You’re not right!”

May 29-June 1: Josh Alton with Adam Degi and Greg Berman

Every comedian is unique in his/her own way. So what is it that makes comedian Josh Alton unique? The short answer is nothing. He is a medium height, medium build, brown hair, brown eyed, white guy from the Midwest. He is an average Joe. A dime a dozen. But he uses that “everyday” appeal to relate to a broad audience, and that’s what makes him unique and attractive to a mass amount of people!

From the biggest comedy clubs, to the smallest dive bars, people of all ages, and backgrounds, can relate to Alton’s outrageous material about today’s world and his own life! This veteran of the stage brings an honest, positive energy to each performance, and uses a combination of funny stories and witty one-liners, to keep the audience on their toes!

Alton currently works out of Chicago, and was named as a runner up for the “Funniest Comedian in Chicago” category in the Chicago Reader’s 2010 online poll. He has trained as an improvisor at Chicago’s famous, The Second City, and he’s starred in two stand-up comedy documentaries, “Road Dogs”, and “American Smartass”. Alton has had the opportunity to work with such great comedians as Dave Attell, Larry the Cable Guy, Jon Lovitz, Craig Robinson, Andy Kindler, Greg Giraldo, Kevin Pollak, Michael Winslow, Bobcat Goldthwait, David Alan Grier, Ralphie May, Mark Curry, and many more!

May 22-24: D. Cameron with Andrew Rivers and William Krolowitz

D. worked in a middle school as a B.M.T (Behavioral Modification Technician). When you see him, he’ll tell you all about it. He paints a picture of middle school life that will have you saying, “how in the world did he get that job?” and “how can I get him to do it at my child’s school”?

He has worked with John Witherspoon, Steve Harvey, D. L. Hughley, Tommy Davidson, Chris Rock, Tommy Chong, Jeff Dunham and many more comedians in his career.

This entertaining comedian is a refreshing change with a unique way of looking at everyday living. You’ll know him when you see him because he’ll be wearing a hat, a smile, and he’ll charm the pants right off of you.