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Jan 2&3: Mike Lebovitz with Danny Kallas and Rodney Burayidi

Mike Lebovitz’s comedy career began at the age of six with clowning classes at the local JCC. He’s been delighting and confounding audiences big and small with his accessibly off-beat brand of humor ever since. A father as well as a fat slob, Mike draws from a broad range of experiences in constructing his act, using outlandish viewpoints and subversive turns of phrase to highlight the inherent absurdity of being. He doesn’t point out life’s quirks; he rolls around and farts on them! He is currently a member of Comedians You Should Know, Chicago’s premiere stand-up comedy collective, and is curator and co-creator of Senorita Weiner’s Top Secret Humor Experiment and Ice Cream Social Club, which is Chicago’s longest-running clandestine comedy show as well as the original underground, members-only ice cream social. Mike is starting to “make it” on TV where, If you look really closely, when the moon is just right, you may be able to catch a glimpse of him selling little bits of his integrity in order to help sell various products. Mike is also an alumnus of the TBS Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

Dec 31: *New Years Eve* Chris Barnes

*New Years Eve Celebration* Who better to perform than our MOST requested Headliner Chris Barnes!!!

This native Milwaukeean has been making his mark on the comedy scene throughout the Midwest, the South, and the East Coast with his storming style of humor. Barnes can be best described as a high-energy comic that will take an audience and keep them laughing as he interprets his experiences of life. Barnes is also the man of many faces; his personality and facial expressions will bring an audience to life. Barnes has worked and laughed with such people as John Mendoza, JJ Jimmy Walker, Andrew Dice Clay, Sinbad, Bill Cosby, and many others. It’s no surprise Barnes has become a national headliner, working in such clubs as Dangerfield’s in New York City; Rascal’s in New Jersey; Zanies in Chicago; Chaplin’s in Detroit; Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee; and many others throughout the country.

Dec 26 & 27: Geoff LaFleur with Steve Hartman and Ramie Makhlouf

His playfully silly nature and energetically fun style, mixed with impeccable comedic timing and a Midwestern charm has made Geoff one of the top rising comics today…with bad posture. Geoff has performed stand-up at colleges, festivals, private parties, benefit shows and many top comedy clubs throughout the country from The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles to Zanies in Chicago to The Improv in Washington D.C. As well as being the opening act for such national touring comedians as Dave Chappelle, Brian Regan, Greg Giraldo, Gilbert Gottfried, Jay Mohr, and Larry the Cable Guy.

Dec 18-20: Jason Russell with Russ Williamson and Jay Washington

Jason’s comedy style is silly, full of different characters and unforgettable facial expressions. His strong personality and explosive energy lets audiences know right from the start that this is going to be a ride! Never using dirty language, his show is a cross between Richard Pryor and Jim Carey.
Jason has been seen in a Documentary called “Crossing The Lines” Interracial Comedians, did extra work on the tv show “Prision Break” and has worked with Martin Lawrence and Patti LaBelle!

Dec 11-13: Ron Vaudry with JF Harris and Seth Davis

A favorite at both the Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival in Montreal and The Edinburgh Comedy Festival in Scotland, Ron Vaudry has parlayed his standup success into headlining appearances at major comedy clubs on several continents. He is also a favourite at campuses across North America and the world.

His numerous television appearances include CBC’s “COMICS!”, Best of the Fest BBC3, “Comedy @ Club 54″, and “The Late Show” with Arsenio Hall. He has also been featured on several radio programs including CBC’s “Madly Off In All Directions” and “Definitely Not The Opera.”

Nov 6-8: Shane Mauss with Michael Harrison and Greg Bach

Shane Mauss has had appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Comedy Central’s ‘Live at Gotham’, Showtime’s ‘Comics Without Borders’, and on what is easily his strangest television appearance to date: Playboy TV’s ‘Night Calls’.

He’s even done TV spots internationally including Just For Laughs “Funny As Hell” on HBO Canada, two appearances on BBC’s ‘The World Stands Up’, and Just For Laughs Australia at The Sydney Opera House.

Shane has been in several comedy festivals around the world including The Just For Laughs Festival Comedy Festival in Montreal, Sydney & Chicago, The Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, OR, The Comedy Central South Beach Comedy Festival, The Cat Laughs Comedy Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland, The Sydney Comedy Festival, and The Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival.

Dec 4-6: *Eddie Brill* with Johnny Beehner and William Krolowitz (Special Event)

Eddie Brill warms up the audience and works as Talent Coordinator for comedians on Late Show with David Letterman, is the man to know in the humor-sphere. Aside from his connections at Letterman (where he’s also performed eight times), Brill’s half hour Comedy Central Presents special is a favorite on the network’s rotation, he teaches comedy workshops from the United States to Canada to England, and he serves as Humor Consultant for Reader’s Digest. His friendships with comedians such as Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Mark Maron, and Dave Attell ensure that he is no more than six degrees from any name in comedy.

*Special Event* Limited discount passes or coupons. Please call 414-271-JOKE(5653) for details

Nov 26, 28 & 29: Drew Michael with Shane Copland and Shawn Shelnutt

Drew Michael is a Chicago comedian who looks at life from a dark, cerebral point of view. His rumination on relationships, ex-girlfriends, beastiality, pedophilia, God, religion, Hitler, government, life and death has prompted TimeOut Chicago to call him, “Smart, funny and unabashedly crass.”

Drew is a founding member of the comedy collective, Comedians You Should Know. The Onion AV Club says, “The genuine quality of talent on display is unrivaled in Chicago.” The group released a self-titled album that debuted at #1 on the iTunes comedy charts.

See Drew now, while you still can, before he is viciously murdered by an ex-girlfriend, an unruly audience member, or himself.

Nov 20-22: Dylan Mandlsohn with Ben Moore and Nola J

Dylan Mandlsohn was nominated by the Canadian Comedy Awards for Funniest New Comedian in Canada. His appearance at “Yuk Yuk’s search for Canada’s Funniest New Comic” was screened nationally on CTV and the Comedy Network. Dylan has attended several comedy festivals for his sharp wit and physical comedy. He was invited to attend the Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival where he performed in the Just For Laughs Homegrown Competition. He also attended the Boston Comedy Festival where he was cast to perform for the Comcast Network.

November 13-15: *Tommy Johnagin* with Mike Cronin & John Schroeck

Tommy is an autobiographical story telling comedian who is a favorite at comedy clubs all across the country. In 2007 Tommy was invited to the prestigious “Just For Laughs” comedy festival in Montreal, Canada where he was the highest reviewed “New Face.” He has also appeared at Comedy Central’s “South Beach Comedy Festival”

TV credits include: Four appearances on “The Late Show” with David Letterman. His own half-hour special on Comedy Central, Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” and, “John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Show”. In 2010 he finished 2nd on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He’s also appeared on CMT’s “Comedy Stage” and TBS’s “Very Funny Stand Up Show”

He has also been a guest numerous times on the nationally syndicated radio programs “The Bob and Tom Show” and the “The Ron and Fez Show”.