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Aug 26-28: Danny Kallas with Dean Larit and Kevin White

The blue-collar Chicago accent of Danny Kallas has been described as “so thick, you don’t even know what hit you.” Raised in Elmwood Park, a tightly-knit community bordering Chicago’s Northwest side, Danny enjoys blending all sorts of comedy. From absurd silliness to intelligent satire, if it’s funny, it’s in his act.
Danny has been named on’s list of funniest comedians in Chicago. He was the winner of Snubfest and has participated in numerous comedy festivals including Just For Laughs in Chicago and the Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta.

Aug 18-20: Martin Morrow with Jeff Steinbrunner and Martin Hess

Martin Morrow is originally from Birmingham, AL where he started doing stand-up, improv, and belonged to an award winning sketch/stand-up hybrid “Tubbi and Martin”. Martin has performed in clubs, colleges, and festivals all over the country and has worked with some of the top names in comedy including Tim Allen, Bobcat Goldthwait, Amy Schumer, and Katt Williams.
Currently residing in Chicago, IL, Martin is an ensemble cast member on the Second City Touring Company and has performed in several shows with Second City as a part of their Outreach & Diversity ensemble in addition to being a a part of the 2015 Second City/NBC Bob Curry Fellowship program, Second City PUMA scholarship recipient and graduate of The Conservatory.
Morrow serves as a producer to one of the highest acclaimed comedy shows in the country Comedians You Should Know and formerly a 100 Proof Comedy cast member and a season 13 cast member of the longest running independent comedy showcase, The Lincoln Lodge.
He has been featured on Comedy Central’s Why? with Hannibal Buress, The Huffington Post, Fox’s Laughs, Windy City Live, Esquire TV, the NFL Network, and the 9th season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He was named one of the New City Stage Top 50 players of 2016 and one of the top up-and-coming comedians in the country by Splitsider. He was a finalist in the seventh season of the Impress These Apes comedy competition, and performed in the 2013 TBS Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, 2014 Epitonic Deep Festival, 2014 Green Gravel Comedy Festival, 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival, 2014 Hell Yes Fest, the 2015 LA Riot Fest, 2015 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, 2015 Wrestle-Geekfest, the 2015 NBC/Second City Breakout Comedy Festival, the 2015 AV Club/Onion Festival, the 2016 Tomorrow Never Knows Festival, and was one of the headliners for the 2016 Birmingham Comedy Festival. Roseanne Barr has described him as “electric”, Dan Aykroyd called him “the future of our business”, and Hannibal Burress once told him he’s “a talented kid and a chore to talk to.”

Aug 11-13: Adam Degi and Zach Martina with Phil Davidson

Adam Degi: If there’s one thing Adam Degi does well, it’s turning a negative in to a positive. He’s been taking Ex- Girlfriends, car accidents, and bad life choices and somehow making them funny since he stepped on a stage in 2005.
He began performing everywhere he could before he won the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids, MI competition in 2009. He was part of the 4 man Twenty Something Funny Something Tour and has performed at festivals like Laugh Fest. He now travels the country performing at colleges sharing his sarcastic but hilarious Stand Up routine as well as hosting a game show. Somehow he finds time to act in Sketch Comedy films and work the club circuit. He once got a standing ovation from the Harlem Globetrotters after telling a joke about their theme song. One day he would like to be black and entertain the world.

Zach Martina: A supportive family, a loving relationship and kids who adore him, that’s the American Dream. Unless you’re Zach Martina, then it’s a recipe for skepticism and anxiety.
Using his sarcastic wit, creative wordplay and a loveable arrogance, Zach brings his big personality to crowds across America as they wonder: “I don’t know what he’s freaking out about, but it’s pretty funny.”
Performing at clubs across the country and at events such as the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, The World Series of Comedy and the Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival, Zach has had the good fortune to share the stage with the likes of Dave Chappelle, Flight of the Conchords, Hannibal Buress & Rory Scovel. Zach brings an energy all his own and points the finger of blame at every single person; except himself.

August 4-6: John Consoli with Mike Cronin and Darryl Hill

John Consoli may look like a tough guy from Brooklyn, but the minute he takes the stage his aura of “likeability” shines through. Drawing from his own experiences as a troubled youth, Marine Drill Instructor, Father of 3 and ex-husband of one, John weaves hysterical stories that every audience will find relatable. A favorite at Comedy Clubs all over the USA, John Consoli is a sure bet if you are looking to laugh till it hurts!

July 28-30: Robert Hines with Xavier Lamont and Mike Gleeson

Hines started doing stand-up comedy at the age of 21. His first performance was in June 1991 at the Funny Firm, a Chicago comedy club owned by Len Austrevitch, who would later cast Hines in his first film roles. After his set, Hines met local comedians Bernie Mac, Evan Lionel, Daran Howard and Shay Shay (Phillip White). Mac and Lionel booked Hines on the spot for their Monday night show at Chicago’s Cotton Club, where Hines continued to appear for nearly a year. All four comedians became mentors and friends of Hines. From 1991 to 1996, Daran Howard tapped Hines to perform in his Laugh Fest College Comedy Tour with shows targeted to historically Black colleges. Hines credits Shay Shay with helping him learn to make his comedy more personal, telling Steven Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, “Shay told me I’ve got to show them my pain.”

In addition to touring and club performances (primarily in the Midwest), Hines has made a number of national TV appearances, including BET’s Comic View, Comedy Central’s Comic Justice and Fox’s Uptown Comedy Club. In 1995, Hines was nominated for the Sammy Davis, Jr. Musical Comedy Award by BET’s Comic View Comedy Awards TV show.

July 21-23: David James Spaliaras and Pat Susmilch with Ramie Makhlouf

*Two Headliners*
David James Spaliaras is an incredibly quick witted comedian hailing from the biggest town Indiana has to offer, Merrillville. He graduated from Indiana University with a BA in theatre in 2009 and spent the next two years studying improve at Chicago’s legendary Second City. David mixes in his talent of singing, funny voices, dialects, and impersonation ability with his comic view on the everyday things that happen in our lives. His love and passion for performing is poured out into every performance he does. Some people call it sweat… but it really is just his love and passion pouring out.

Patrick Susmilch started his stand-up odyssey at the tender age of 20. Now, at the tender age of 28, he has transformed into a beautiful and wounded comedic butterfly. With a cheerfully sardonic viewpoint, he’s not afraid to tackle the big topics: kittens, hair loss, and wind chimes. Patrick’s style, which straddles the line between irreverence and poignancy, secured him an appearance on season 8 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

July 16: Rivest Dunlap presents… Raw Comedy (Special Event)

Headliner Details: As a child out of East Los Angeles, Rivest Dunlap ran into more than his fair share of obstacles before finally reaching the stage. Still, his underlying dream remained unchanged; he knew he was born to make people laugh. Always one to follow his heart, Rivest quickly realized that working a 9 to 5, stuck behind a desk, wasn’t for him. While trying to find his path in life, the words of one of his elementary school teachers continued to ring through his head “you’re going to be a comedian when you grow up”. 5 years ago, Rivest finally decided to take the plunge & take to the stage, and hasn’t looked back since. Pulling from life experiences and creatively poking fun at his own complex cultural identity, his unique brand of comedy has carried him to comedy clubs all over the country.

July 15: *BEST OF* Milwaukee Stand Up (Special Event)

Comedy Café’s Best of Milwaukee Show features just a few of our favorite comedians bred right here in our great city! Each comedian will offer up their very best 10 minute set, performing for your votes (and a CASH prize)!
The night’s winner – as decided by you, the audience- will be announced at the conclusion of the show.

Addie Blanchard
Ton Johnson
Dana Ehrmann
David Louis
Carly Malison
Wayne Guenther
Jordan Pauley
Nick Davis

June 16-18: Jacob Williams with Ben Bergman and David Louis

Jacob Williams’ comedy chronicles his misadventures through the worlds of dating, day jobs and dining alone.
In 2012, Jacob made his national television debut as a comedian on America’s Got Talent (NBC) and advanced to the Semifinals. Jacob has been a cast member on Wild N Out (MTV) since 2013 and just taped new episodes for his fourth season of the show which will air in the summer of 2016. Jacob also did stand-up for a comedy special on MTV2 and provides the voice of a lead character in the animated series Football U (MTV Other).
Jacob was recently named one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch” in 2015. In 2016, Jacob Williams will make his Comedy Central acting and stand up debut on the season premiere of Adam Devine’s House Party. He is currently based in New York City.

June 9-11: Shane Copland with TBA and Damon Millard

Shane Copland has been in the comedy world for much of his adult life. He started out studying with the legendary Second City Theater, and after being selected for their highly-competitive conservatory program, and completing their comedy writing program, he found himself touring the country performing as a stand-up. In his time on the road he has appeared at clubs, festivals, bars, bowling alleys, and even a state fair once… He’s written for numerous late night and sketch shows, and recently co-wrote and directed the television pilot “Clunker”, about a private investigator who must investigate a murder in the world of Christian Pornography (we made it up).
On stage, Shane combines a relaxed and inclusive manner with imaginative writing to share his apathetic view of the world.